About Vintage Diehls

Vintage Diehls has been an evolving brand for the last three years.  It all started with Jen and Jason Diehl’s constant buying and traveling for vintage items for their other brand, The Ritzy Rose.  They began building a collection of items that interested them and caught their eye.

In January of 2011 Vintage Diehls launched on Etsy.  The brand began to emerge as an accessory brand selling graphical belt buckles, jewelry, brooches, and men’s accessories.  Graphics also became a part of the brand including letterpress blocks, ephemera and more.

In August of 2013 the two brands teamed up to open the Diehls’ co-branded flagship store.  Vintage Diehls store opened its doors and quickly has developed into a vintage apparel and accessory destination.  Jen’s background in retail and apparel design in both New York City and Columbus have created a passion and eye to help make Vintage Diehls a premiere vintage apparel brand.

The Diehls’ passion for vintage stems from the sustainability and uniqueness offered through these items.  What is more sustainable than reusing what has already been created?  Vintage Diehls is for the person who looks to stand out and be different.  The brand continues to grow and evolve, but the foundation has been laid.


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Feature on Isaac’s vintage circus nursery. This article is a great way to see Jen and Jason’s style and aesthetic. You will quickly learn that what they present as a brand is inspired by their lives.

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See how Jen and Jason of Vintage Diehls shop for themselves. For them vintage is life!